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A Guide to Website Strategy

Welcome to our Guide to Website Strategy! Whether you have an existing website or are looking to get started with one, the tips in this bundle will help you to make your website an asset (and not just a brochure) for your business.

This guide is less about "creating a website" and more about strategizing how to use your website, organize the content within it, and keep it up to date with fresh content for your audience.

This Guide is brought to you by, Cardsetter Co-Founder and BSW Member, Jessica Baldwin

What You'll Learn

// 1 // How to Use Your Website to Build an Audience of Prospective Customers/Clients
// 2 // Why an Ongoing Content Strategy is Important for Your Website (and how to not get overwhelmed by it)
// 3 // How to Organize Content on Your Website for Your Audience
// 4 // How to Measure What's Working

Website Strategy Overview

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