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Networking Challenge

We were really onto something while working in the Confidence Bundle…

Listen up ladies!!! We need to practice getting ourselves out there in our business both in person and on social media. Once we whizzed through the confidence bundle, are you all ready to put that into practice? 

This month is going to be all about taking action! 

Each day a new challenge will be given to you. Ultimately these challenges will get you out in front of your business and capitalizing on all of your UNIQUE GIFTS.

Challenge main ideas: (the breakdown)

Power of Presence

YOU are your BRAND

Activities that support your brand

Ladies, building a business can be tricky particularly for those just starting out. As we all know, this can still be hard no matter how far in we are. This challenge is going to help you push through the struggle. You WILL see a change in your business after you take action on each challenge day.

As an Entrepreneur you want to experience success in your business, Yes?

You want to sell your products and service, and experience growth in your business, Yes?

The challenge that tends to have many stuck, is that the “Social” aspect in their biz often gets neglected... but you know that, right?


People buy from those they know, like, and trust 

If all you provide is a call to action to buy, or pictures of your product, with no other value, and no effort to engage your audience... you won’t see much success in your business!

Here are some things to consider: (take notes)

-Have your target audience in mind. 

-Give more value… before you give the call to action

-Utilize video either live or recorded. 

-Give people a behind the scenes view of what you are doing. 

-Let your audience get to know you… the real you.

-Engage with your audience. If they have taken the time to stop scrolling or come see your live or if they engage with your content with an emoji or comment, return the love!!

-Post images that share something about you. (like your interests) 

-Relate to your audience by asking a question. People love to give their opinions!

-Post something related to food, travel, parenting, relationships. Topics that your audience can relate to and engage with are never ending and fun to share!

-This may seem obvious but... Care about people. Be intentional around creating new relationships, and cultivating the relationships you currently have

-Be relatable, be human. Regardless of your personality type having that human touch sets you a part. People want community, and they want genuine relationship.

-BE MORE SOCIAL! Social media is a tool! use it to connect more. Don't forget how valuable meeting in person is as well, or Get on the phone! Start attending more business functions and town events.

-Help enough people get what they want, and you will Ultimately get what you want too.

We are in the business of connecting with each other and providing a solution to a problem known or not known. The following activities in the challenge are what we consider “networking” and some of the most powerful actions you will take for your business.

This month is all about diving in and putting these to practice. Some are going to make you uncomfortable others are going to be easy-peasy for you. Make note on which you may need more support and share with the to move all of us forward. 

To begin the challenge: Click the next button to your left, under "networking challenge info" and begin! Be sure to set aside at least 15 min per day to go over your challenge assignment!

Section 1

Power of presence - Intentional, Individual, Inspirational

Section 2

YOU are your BRAND - Your “WHY” “connection”

Section 3

Activities that support your brand

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