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Money 101

Whether you’re at the end of your rope or the top of the corporate ladder, there is always more to learn about how you can make your money work for you. We’re introducing you to some basic principles and know-how’s when it comes to investing for your future!

Elizabeth Hansen - National Vice President and Financial Planner

Elizabeth Hansen is a Senior Vice President with 5 Rings Financial, she spent 11 years as a Physical Therapist and found herself at the top of her career and still unable to pay her student loan bills, she then reached out to her parents who work in the industry to see if she could help them on the side to pay those debts off and what she found was the career that she had always been looking for and within a month decided to completely change directions to help others have a brighter financial future as well. She currently lives in Billings with her husband and two daughters and enjoys hosting educational events every month, mentoring a salesforce and speaking to large groups all over the country.

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