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DIY Website Building

Website building can be a headache whether you are going at it alone or hiring someone to do it for you.

Our Affiliate Guru Nicole Tatlock walks you through ALL of the pieces you need to know as you make the decision to make or re-make your website. 

These videos should be listened to one day at a time. Giving yourself time to soak in the information, make notes, and take action before moving onto the next video. 

Please do not hesitate to jump into the VIP Facebook group to ask any questions. 

The group is there for you to make sure that you are moving forward. If overwhelm hits, it is best that you leave a comment or join in the nearest scheduled coaching call!

Are you ready to have a serious website for your business?

Begin with the first video and get rolling!

Week 1

Week 2

The Second Part to DIY Website Building. Remember to plan out WHEN you will get each video watched. Make sure to give yourself time to really soak in the information, take notes, and take action before moving to the next video. 

If you have ANY questions at all, jump into the VIP group to ask them!

Week 3

The FINAL section for DIY website building.

These two parts are all about google. How to set up and install analytics and how to read them!

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