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Maranda Ratcliff

Sometimes building a life and business you love means going against the grain.

And, that's exactly what Maranda Ratcliff founder of Rocky Mountain Women Outdoors did when she left an engineering degree in the dust with just a semester left. She chose to change her path and chase her passions: nature; wildlife; and empowering women.

Rocky Mountain Women Outdoors is an outdoor adventure community in which she provides women with opportunities to explore and connect with other women.

"The tallest mountains often lead to the most beautiful destinations."

This week I interview Maranda Ratcliff, a mover and a shaker who's doing big things and living out bigger than life dreams. She certainly took the road less traveled and she's paving the way for others to follow their passions.

Join us for this episode of a story that's honest, daring, and will leave you itching to get outside and reconnect.

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